As the mundanes riot against the control of the witches, threatening to tear the fragile realm of Raioume apart, the Gran Mater of the Coven races to defend one little girl who holds the key to mankind's future, only to find her beset by ancient demons the Gran Mater had assumed long vanquished.

So begins the story of Perdita Perrault, an awkward but precocious young witch who struggles to find her place in the world, a path which ultimately leads her to the Gran Mater's greatest enemy, the vicious and blood-thirsty Wolf King, Lupus Rex.

To Trust the Wolf is the first book of the Little Red series of novels, set in a land filled with political intrigue, governed by a matriarchal society led by a martial order, the Red Cloaks. The story of the Gran Mater, Perdita, and Lupus Rex weaves a dramatic thriller against a backdrop of magic, witches, and wolves that will captivate and enthrall.

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"The women are strong, powerful and flawed, like any leadership, and their infighting and political maneouvring is fascinating." --Kate Thompson

"Particularly striking are the descriptions of lucid dreams and magical telepathic encounters, in which characters gain insights and glimpses of future events, confused through the language of dreaming or the potential pitfalls and paradoxes inherent in relating to the future. As all these trajectories of foreshadowing begin to reinforce and converge on the themes of the archetypal source material, the novel shifts from 'page-turner' to high art."
--Steve Rogne

"Perdita captured my heart. She's a precocious young girl who's seen tragedy and comes out all the stronger."
--Akamai Reader

"'To Trust the Wolf' stands out from among others in the fantasy genre. The story was rich. It is remarkable that the author was able to paint such vivid imagery of an other-world AND find the time to weave in real character development with a complex plot. The ever present fight between good and evil is opaque - not black and white."

"I also liked discovering the worlds of the book gradually; as when reading Kazuo Ishiguro's 'Never Let Me Go,' there was a palpable sense of mystery with hints dropped and a feeling of impending doom while the background is gradually filled in with the occasional flashback as the present narrative rollicks along." --rebecca christian

A companion short story, The Violin, is available for FREE through Amazon and other distributors.

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