Notes on Characters for To Trust the Wolf

A friend who is reading the novel emailed me, asking for some help keeping track of the characters in the first part of the book. I threw together this cheat sheet to help.

In order of appearance:

Canin, a wolf– Canin was given orders during the Wolf War by Lupus Rex to rescue Perdita.

Perdita Perrault– The only daughter of Alix Perrault, Sheriff for the Order of Law. Alix split with her family to join the Order of Law.

Anna DuBois, Prima Filia, Order of Law– Anna is the second in command of the Order of Law and serves as the Gran Mater’s assistant. She was a good friend of Alix’s.

Marie Chenault, Mater of the Order of Law, Gran Mater of the Coven– Marie Chenault is one of the few surviving witches who defeated the demons and founded Raioume. She has been working all of her life to fulfill the prophecies of the Aurum Aestis, a promised Golden Age of mankind, and believes that Perdita is key to those prophecies, though she keeps this knowledge to herself to protect Perdita.

Alphonse– A woodsman employed by Hugh Capet for his rebellion

Gilles– Another woodsman, also employed by Hugh Capet

Martin Le Dey– A farmer from Trois-Riveres who followed Hugh on his rebellion

Pierre Finot– A footman for the Order of Lore and friend to Hugh Capet. Worked with Hugh to foment his rebellion, and took possession of the demonic book from Hugh.

Sylvia Mathieu, Prima Filia, Order of Light– Sylvia is the granddaughter of Estelle Mathieu, the Mater of the Order of Light. Sylvia’s mother died when she was young and she was raised by her grandmother.

Estelle Mathieu, Mater, Order of Light– Estelle Mathieu, like Marie Chenault, is one of the witches who defeated the demons and founded Raioume over sixty years before the start of the novel. Sylvia refers to her as Gran Mere.

Winona Auciferous, Mistress of Augurs, Order of Light– Dame Auciferous is the head of the augurs, the witches who look at the future for the Coven. She has been helping Mater Mathieu run the Order for years, and does more day to day work of running it than Sylvia.

Ethan– a boy from the village of Marquette, where Canin leaves Perdita. Ethan helps his father, Montag, run the village stables.

Lilith Maizon, Mistress of War, Order of Law– Lilith also belongs to the generation of witches who overthrew the demons. As mistress of war, she is the head of all of Raioume’s martial forces. She has been Marie Chenault’s friend for as long as two can remember.

Marcus, a wolf– Marcus belongs to the Legion Ysengri, the wolves who didn’t rebel during the Wolf War and stayed loyal to the Coven. All members of the Legion voluntarily wear magic collars that inhibit their ability to change into a wolf, but they maintain their speed, strength, and senses. The Gran Mater can send messages to the Legion through their collars using her cameo.

Clarise Perrault– Clarise Perrault is the daughter of Lilian Perrault. Once Clarise’s talent manifests itself, she will become the Prima Filia of the Order of Life. The current common interpretation of the prophecies about the Aurum Aestis hold that if the events which will lead to the Golden Age happen in this generation, then Clarise will be the Beacon, the witch who will lead the Coven in reaching the Golden Age.

Lilian Perrault, Mater, Order of Life– Lilian Perrault is Alix’s older sister, and Perdita’s aunt. She is married to Charles Perrault, who is the Pater of the Order of Lore. They are the parents of Clarise Perrault.

Charles Perrault, Pater, Order of Lore– Charles is married to Lilian Perrault and so took her family name. At the same time that Alix Perrault left her family and the Order of Life, Charles was promoted to Primus Fils of the Order of Lore, and became the Pater of the Order. He has espoused a radical new education program for the masses, aiming to raise the education of the mundanes, the normal humans who perform the day to day labor of the Coven. Key to his plan is to teach the mundanes to read, which has been forbidden since the Great War, as the demons crafted trapped texts that would infect a mundane with a demonic imprint. Charles taught Hugh Capet to read; Hugh found one of these trapped texts and became infected, which prompted him to start his rebellion.

Other background information that might be useful:

There are five Orders in the Coven: Order of Law; Order of Light; Order of Life; Order of Lore; and the Order of Labor.

Order of Law (Red Cloaks) — The Red Cloaks are one of the oldest Orders, dating back to the initial swearing of the Covenant, which prohibits witches from taking a life unless they believe it is absolutely necessary for the protection of the Covenant. Only witches who believe this with their whole heart can be trusted to act as the warriors for the society. The Chenault family of Le Cinq has run the Order of Law since it began.

Order of Light (Green Cloaks) — The Green Cloaks maintain they are even older than the Red Cloaks, for their founder, Le Gran Dame Mathieu, was the witch who discovered the seven books of magic (Le Sept) and gathered around her the four other witches who would become Le Cinq. The Order of Light deals with prophecies, visions, clairvoyance, and a form of telepathy which allows one witch to enter another witch’s mind. They also maintain the mules, witches who have transgressed against the Coven in some way and have had their minds wiped. The mules serve as a pyschic network, passing messages and information between them, communicated through handlers. The Mathieus have run the Order of Light since it was founded.

Order of Life (White Cloaks) — The White Cloaks are the third order that existed during the Great War, the Bellum Mammonum. They use magic to heal, and are responsible for the health of the inhabitants of Raioume. They, too, are limited by the Covenant in what they can do, ie, they can’t prevent someone from dying if they are too far gone, and they can’t reverse major illnesses, such as the Curse of Ysengrim, which is how someone becomes a wolf. The Perraults have run the Order of Life since it was founded.

Order of Lore (Grey Cloaks) — The Order of Lore was founded after the Great War. When the town of Inverness was liberated, a great library was discovered. The Order of Lore is dedicated to not only chronicling the history of Raioume and the Coven, but uncovering secrets of the past. The Forniers left the Order of Light to found the Order of Lore. The wolves killed all of the Forniers during the Wolf War, and the leadership of the Order has been handed around since.

Order of Labor (Brown Cloaks) — The Order of Labor was founded after the Great War to organize the mundanes and direct them in the process of rebuilding Raioume after generations of warfare. The Ballengers left the Order of Life to found the Order of Labor. The Ballengers were also extinguished by the wolves during the Wolf War.

The Five Families are the Mathieus, the Perraults, the Chenaults, the Ballengers, and the Forniers. These are the descendants of Le Cinq, the five witches who started the rebellion and founded the Coven. Members of these families are referred to as Le Cinq. In the early days of Raioume, they were treated like nobility, but attrition has dwindled their numbers through the years.