The Little Red series of fantasy novels tells the story of a society of witches who rebelled against the demons who had conquered the world and their quest to lead mankind to its Aurum Aesitis, a promised golden age of peace and prosperity. The series is broken down into three trilogies, with each trilogy centered around a war between the witches of the Coven and the forces striving against them.

The trilogies are being written in reverse chronological order, ie, the last series and the end of the arc is being presented first. This is being done for practical, realistic reasons– if only one story is completed, it should be the most important one.

1. Bellum Negrum

The first trilogy centers around the Bellum Negrum, the war between the Coven and the Black Cloaks, a new army created by the Mammonon, the demons the witches thought had been defeated long ago. The series follows Perdita Perrault, a young witch believed to be the prophesied Beacon who will usher in the Aurum Aesestis; Syliva Mathieu, the Mater of the Order of Light who becomes corrupted by the demons into the becoming the Dark Lady, the leader of the Black Cloaks; and Lupus Rex, the enigmatic king of the werewolves, whose machinations drive the events which cause the prophecies to unfold, but whose motives are murky and whose goals are unknown.

The books of this series are:

To Trust the Wolf — In which we meet Perdita, Sylvia, and Lupus Rex. Perdita comes of age and Sylvia becomes corrupted by the demons.

Bellum Negrum (Working Title) — War erupts between the black cloaks and the Coven, drawing Perdita, Lucinda and Lupus Rex into a final confrontation with the Dark Lady.

To Hunt the Wolf — As Raioume struggles to rebuild itself in the wake of the Bellum Negrum, Perdita and Lucinda attempt to track down Lupus Rex to bring him to justice for his crimes against the Coven. They become embroiled in the demon’s ultimate plan to enslave humanity, which leads Perdita to the point where she will either lead mankind into the promised Aurum Aestis, or destroy the world.

2. Bellum Lycanum

The second trilogy will tell the story of the Bellum Lycanum, a savage civil war between the witches and the wolves that nearly tore the nascent realm of Raioume apart. As tensions rise between the mundanes and the wolves, the witches see no other alternative than to relegate the wolves to reserved lands unfit for production. Under the leadership of the mysterious Lupus Rex, the wolves rebel, and plunge Raioume into a bloody and savage war. In the end, Lupus Rex is betrayed and captured, ending the war, but not before he commits the darkest, most blood-thirsty act the realm has ever witnessed.

3. Bellum Mammonum

The third trilogy tells the story of the Coven struggling against the Mammonon, the demons who has enslaved humanity and draped the world in eternal darkness, making the sun and the moon myths that are told in stories to children. The trilogy details the life of Marie Chenault, Prima Filia of the Order of Law, as she orchestrates and leads the assaults that free Raioume and ultimately leads the attack on Moloch, the living fortress that is the heart of the demons’ power.

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